Case Studies

Pes Planus

This isalso called as flat foot. In this deformity there is collapse of medial longitudinal arch of foot and foot deviated outside. Usually, medial longitudinal arch of foot develops between 7 to 9 years of foot.

These are two types of flat foot

  • Flexible flat foot
  • Right flat foot


These two can be differentiated by doing two simple tests.

Tip toe test

Ask the patient to stand on Tip toe and examine from behind. If arch develops at medial side it is flexible flat foot, if not then it is rigid deformity.

Jack Test:

Extension of great toe leads appearance of medial longitudinal arch, then  it is flexible flat foot.

Treatment :

  • ·  Most of flat foot need only conservative treatment.
  • · Keeping insoles inside of shoe has no role in arch development
  • ·  UCBL shoe insert will help in restoring the kinematics of the foot
  • ·  Only painful flat foot need treatment
  • · Only Rigid  foot need surgical intervention.

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